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Blood glucose levels fluctuate during the day, particularly after meals.In this test, blood glucose is measured exactly 2 hours after a meal.That blood sugar level is very good and within normal limits.

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If any of values comes suspicious (over 126 fasting), then consider doing the test 2 hours after a meal, and to evaluate it for 3 months do HbA1C.

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In order to determine what the health target of a person should be, a physician uses a blood sugar chart.Normally, blood glucose levels increase slightly after eating.And also, 2 hours after taking 75 grams of glucose, without any work, the sugar level is 260.Your levels will change depending upon when, what and how much you have eaten, and whether or not you have exercised.

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Without a doubt, maintaining normal postprandial blood glucose levels is critical to your health.

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A postprandial plasma glucose test is a blood test that measures blood glucose levels following a meal consisting of a set amount of carbohydrate.

If the level remains high after 2 hours postprandial then glucose intolerance must be considered.Furthermore, the chart is used by the patient or physician to manage the blood glucose condition.Elevated 1-hour level proves significant despite 2-hour level within normal glucose tolerance range.However, two-hour postprandial blood sugar testing is not recommended to screen for or diagnose diabetes.It also is a powerful predictor (like low SHBG) of your chances of developing diabetes.

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The current approach of screening for type 2 diabetes using the fasting metabolic state, while convenient, is not effective.

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Right at the top of the list should probably be postprandial (post-meal) blood glucose levels, because this number affects erections and hormone levels for literally hours after the meal.

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Two-hour post-prandial blood sugar for a person without diabetes.

The glucose level checked after an eight hour fast (generally overnight) is known as fasting sugar level.

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The second type of test is known as the 2-hour postprandial test.

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People who have diabetes should be testing their blood glucose regularly at home.

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Type 2 diabetes blood sugar level goals This chart shows the blood sugar levels to work towards as your initial daily target goals.

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The higher blood glucose triggers the pancreas to produce more insulin.

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Research suggests that 3 hour post- Research suggests that 3 hour post- meal readings may predict the HbA1c reading more than the pre-meal readings.